Schedule Pick up Day- a.k.a Apocalypse

It’s getting close to that time of year again. That’s right, schedule pick up! It’s often understated just how important this day is. The little piece of paper you pick up at this day of judgement dictates your whole school year (unless you change classes). After you receive your sentencing, you will probably want to check the classes, make sure you got the right ones. Don’t worry, if you didn’t, there’s nothing that anyone can do to help you. Should’ve double-tripled checked your sign up sheet, because now you are stuck in Honors Human Geography. However, most people won’t have any problems with the actual classes they got, but more so the teachers.

This is arguably the most important part of your schedule, as teachers range greatly from hell spawn to angels that you should be extremely grateful for. Often this part is also the most nerve wracking. “Oh no! I got Mrs.Malaprop.” “Don’t worry, she’s not as bad as the ratemyteacher says. Maybe try asking your counselor to switch.?” Nope. Again, the counselors are pretty unhelpful here, but then again there’s not much they can do. Schedules are mostly set by May 26th, and it is a rather large hassle to try and change things after schedules have been made, especially when 20+ kids ask “Can I pretty please not have Mrs.Malaprop?”

Having a strong background knowledge of the teachers you get can be a double edged sword. On one hand, you might be relieved when you see Mr.Absolute on your schedule because you’ve known him for years, or every student he has gushes about how nice he (and his grading) are . On the other hand, you may have known friends who fell to Mrs.Malaprop, their GPA’s slain by her wicked magic. Maybe you’ve heard the horrible war stories from last year about how she devoured 3 kids after they complained about a test grade. You’ve seen students come out of her class on crutches, calling out asking God, “why?” In all honesty, as long as you have friends in a class with a bad teacher (or can make new ones), you will probably survive.

After quickly scanning your schedule, the next step is obvious. Ask everyone you’ve ever known what their schedule is. Remember John from middle school? Let’s go see his schedule. What about Mark from 5th grade Taekwondo? Or Mary from freshman Spanish?  As the day goes on, you complete your codex on everyone’s schedules and at the end of the day, you can see your fate. There’s usually one of two options. Hooray! I’ve got my 3 best friends in every class! Or Oh Lord save me this can’t be happening. If you got the first one, then you are home free, cowboy. If you got the latter, then get ready to make a lot of friends.

How can you cope with getting a poor schedule, a bad teacher, or -heaven forbid- the wrong class? I would recommend emailing a counselor only if your schedule is probably one of the worst things ever, maybe you got Mrs.Malaprop, maybe you’re retaking freshman biology. If you just don’t have friends in any classes, just be ready to make new ones (don’t hurt me). It’s likely the counselors can’t (maybe won’t, who knows?) help, but as long as you try and make the best of it, maybe you’ll survive.

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