Club Roundup #1 Better than Checkers

Welcome to Club Roundup! A new series where we delve into the inner workings of clubs and extracurriculars alike! For the first post, I’m going to cover the basic clubs, the ubiquitous clubs that are found in every school. Don’t worry, we’ll get to yours soon.


First up is chess! Yes the home of intellectuals and other like minded prodigies, chess is often referred to by its alternate names: Insecure Intellectuals, Better than Checkers, and Middle Earth RP.* This is probably one of the first clubs someone might go to if they have no idea what to do, or if they want to win sick cash at tournaments. Most people leave after they realize that they are not the next Bobby Fischer, however most people like to believe they were too good for chess. For those who stick on, they get a nice pastime to enjoy for years to come until they discover video games.


One of the more notorious clubs, the anime club is often sponsored by unwitting teachers who don’t know what they have signed up for. This club isn’t a bad place to just hang out and watch some anime, assuming you don’t have internet at home, in which case just go home and watch anime. If you are here to discuss Chinese cartoons, you may as well just go on a message board for a greater variety of opinions without risking your public image by being seen in the anime club. In all honesty, the anime club has no purpose, unless you lack internet or need an excuse to watch anime. Either way, I’m waiting for the abridged version to come out.


Finally, the most loathsome club for today, the Model United Nations. I have a soft spot in my heart for the other clubs, as the people in them are simply trying to have fun or take a break. But the Model UN exists mainly as a resume builder. Many clubs fit this description, where the work undertaken by kids is rarely out of passion and more so lead by a desire to get into Dream College™ or to escape one’s parents’ wrath, worse than the burning of a thousand suns. I mean it’s fair that you would want the resume addition, but don’t act like your participation is something holy. Usually the competitions for these clubs are fun (however nerve wracking) and the community is pretty hilarious, however I wouldn’t expect any Dead Poet’s Society level of passion here.


Thus ends this week’s Club Roundup. Next time we look at some of the more niche clubs around and their quirks.

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